The Power of Self Debate in
Business Decisions

“Confitalks” helps you learn how to do a self talk within yourself using the ancient philosophical wisdom from Tharka Shastra, it helps you have a logical debate within yourself and find out solutions for your own issues or problems. This books teaches your 16 techniques used by ancient Pandits, Gurus and who ever hold these highly respectable positions in administration, management and leadership. It has highly effective strategies which if still put into use gives amazing results. The author started using these techniques as part of his coaching practice and had seen astonishing results and got inspired by this and decided to share this to the world.

The entire research behind this started, to use a unique technique to give transformational results to his clients, and this research was quiet time consuming, often painful since not many writings are available currently with respect to tools and concepts, and even if there are some, its still in Sanskrit language and to give translation to its exact understandable meaning while writing in English was quiet a task. But sheer passion that these gold mine of ancient of wisdom should be made known to the world pushed the author beyond limits to put it into this form and shape.