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What is this?

There are four ways of acquiring knowledge in this world, self learning, training, healthy discussion and experience. Training has a very important role towards acquisition of knowledge and gaining of wisdom. For Businessess, their employees are key for the growth, and since employees are 100% involved in the business, the knowledge acquisition mostly happens only through the medium of training. We at Confitalks imparts the best training programmes for the corporate world, taking the best of the east and the west.

How do you do this?

We provide either half day or full day training sessions, we sit with the HR managers and the Management Team to find out the training requirements, selects the best topics which would help improve the employees, does the research on the most modern and effective tools available and presents the same in a way that is simple as well as powerful enough for the employees to understand and put into practice.

This program is for?

The training programmes are mainly intended for middle level and senior level employees and management team. During the training period, we give time to reflect, analyze and give opportunity to come up with thought provoking approaches to discuss, so that there is hundred percent involvement of the team. We cover training programmes to management teams across industries.

What are the benefits?

Trainings are always a process of mental regeneration, the topics covered is just information, but this is been transformed into knowledge through the impactful training presentation and practiced as a wisdom in their day to day life thereafter. The positive vibe, team spirit, out of the box thinking , servant leadership approaches all makes a very productive environment for the organization after the training sessions.

How is this very special?

What makes our training programmes successful is our process, we just do not present anything to everyone, we sit with the team, understand the weakness, understand the significance of the topic, study the employee profiles, research on what is best out there for the specific topics and prepare the training programme in such a way that it instills transformation. We call upon participants onto the stage and gives dramatic transformation then and there.

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